Adam Freeland is an English DJ and producer associated with breakbeat based electronic music. He was a resident of Brighton, moved to Los Angeles where he recorded second album Cope™ but is now based back in Brighton. As a producer, he formed half of Tsunami One with Kevin Beber, and released an album billed as 'Freeland'; as a DJ and remixer he operates solo under his own full name. He is the owner / creative director of record label Marine Parade, which has released material by artists including Evil Nine, ILS, Alex Metric and Jape.

In 1996, Freeland released the first Coastal Breaks album, both of which are one track over an hour long each. Since then he has released the Tectonics, On Tour and Global Underground mix albums, as well as a FabricLive mix, and Back To Mine. Freeland's debut artist album Now and Them, released in 2003, relied on influences from punk, hip hop, electro, dub, reggae and rock. It featured the hit single "We Want Your Soul"; with his remix of Sarah Vaughan's "Fever" nominated for a Grammy Award; and his personally requested mix of The Doors "Hello, I Love You" receiving critical acclaim. His more recent album Cope™ features Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe playing drums, Alex Metric co-produced it, Twiggy Ramirez played bass. Joey Santiago of The Pixies and Tony Bevilacqua of Distillers / Spinnerette play guitar. Plus there are collaborations with Soundpool, Vocals from Brody Dalle (Distillers / Spinnerette) and Gerald V. Casale from DEVO. Freeland's new frontman Kurt Baumann also sings on four songs.

From 1999 to 2001 Adam had a show on Friday night on London's Kiss 100 FM.

In 2008 Freeland contributed the song "KIN" to the Survival International charity album, Songs for Survival.

At the beginning of 2010, Cope™ Remixed was released on Freeland's own Marine Parade label, featuring all songs from the original Cope™ album but this time remixed by over twenty different producers, resulting in a double album covering a range of different electronic genres and sounds. Some of the producers involved include High Rankin, Evil Nine, Gui Boratto, TC, AC Slater, Joker, Siriusmo and Marc Romboy. In July 2010, Adam released the single 'How To Fake Your Own Life' which included remixes by Etienne de Crecy and Om Unit.