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New Forest, England, UK

Adamski (born Adam Paul Tinley, 4 December 1967, in the New Forest, England) is an English dance music producer, prominent at the time of acid house for his tracks "N-R-G" and "Killer" (a collaboration with Seal). Tinley performed with his brother Mark Tinley, and Johnny Slut of the band Specimen, as Diskord Datkord. The band was signed to SOHO records and released one single. The brothers Tinley continued to work together even after the demise of Diskord Datkord. In the late 1980s, Adam Tinley adopted his stage name after the UFO enthusiast, George Adamski.

Adamski was discovered by entrepreneur Phil Smith who ran the infamous 'Le Petit Prince' restaurant in London's NW5. He introduced Adamski's music to the 'rave scene' and got him a deal with MCA Records, producing the first rave record on MCA called Live And Direct. The artist enjoyed modest success with this first release, which was a collection of tracks recorded live at various venues in England and Ibiza. It contained a short, live version of his first single, "NRG", as well as "I Dream of You", which appeared on a free 4 track 7" vinyl single given away with the music paper, Record Mirror in 1989. The cover of the single "NRG" featured a mocked up Lucozade bottle with the 'Lucozade' word replaced with 'N-R-G'. Legend has it that clubbers started riots when the record was first played out at the Shoom night club in 1989.