From: CA

Metal, Metalcore

When we think of society many think of it as a social structure which continually tries to develop and change for the better. This is a way to describe the band As The Structure Fails (ATSF). The band brings forward the idea that society although corrupt can change. They believe one person or one action everyday has the potential to bring a light into this immoral world.

ATSF is a metal band from Stouffville, Ontario. Stouffville is a town located close to Toronto. The band consists of Kyle Laird, Carter Laird, Mack Wideman, Brian Gosling and Kyle Clarke. Since banding in 2015 they have developed a body of work which is intense, virtuosic and impactful. ​

As of August 2018 they released their latest full-length album. The album was mixed, mastered and produced by Doug Meadows of Allspark Studios. They also collaborated on their song "Purgatory" featuring Brook Reeves of Impending Doom. The album focuses on topics such as damaged relationships, addiction, and the immoral habits of our culture. The self-titled album is available on Spotify, Youtube, and other online music streaming services. Currently the band is working on marketing their new music video in collaboration with The Trenches Media, while also preparing for their single release show Jan 18th, 2020 at The Diezel Room in Oshawa, Ontario. ​

ATSF originally started in 2009 with members Mack Wideman (guitarist) and Kyle Clarke (drummer). ​

In 2014 brothers Carter and Kyle Laird joined as the vocalists. Soon after Brian Gosling joined to complete the line up as lead guitarist. ATSF are not only band mates but family. This aspect of family was important when drummer Kyle Clarke underwent multiple brain surgeries for a life-threatening diagnosis called Arteriovenous Malformation which he had been battling since he was a child. The band put all music projects on hold in order to support him. Although this was a difficult period for them all, as of 2015 Kyle made a full recovery. This struggle has created an outlook of thankfulness that has reinforced the friendship and music of the band.​

The band is continuing to create a sound that relies on heavy technical playing, but at the same time keeping catchy rhythms and choruses at the forefront of their sound. Carter and Kyle Laird are unique in comparison to other double fronted bands as they are biological brothers.​

ATSF brings together multiple aspects of the metal genre such as; Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, and Technical Metal. Their latest single will be released Jan 12th, 2020, titled The Surface.​

Have a listen to their songs. Hope you make a connection!