Butterfly Boucher (pronounced /ˈbaʊtʃər/) is an Australian singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Boucher, born 2 June, 1979, is the middle child of six daughters. The name "Butterfly" was a suggestion from a friend of the family. In later years, Butterfly's sister Becca Boucher had a band, The Mercy Bell, in which Butterfly played bass guitar. Her debut album, Flutterby, was released in 2003. Boucher toured the United States and Europe, opening for Barenaked Ladies, and later for Sarah McLachlan on her Afterglow arena tour.

Boucher released her first single of the album, "I Can't Make Me," in the UK first and later released "Another White Dash."

A second album, Scary Fragile, was released on June 2, 2009. The single "A Bitter Song" from the album, first featured on an episode of the television series Grey's Anatomy, was released as an iTunes download on February 27.

Boucher currently[when?] resides in the United States in Nashville, Tennessee, and is part of the musical group Ten Out of Tenn. She is currently[when?] touring with Sarah McLachlan, playing bass and singing vocals.