Carlos Di Sarli (January 7, 1903 – January 12, 1960) was an Argentine tango musician, orchestra leader, composer and pianist.

Before starting his own tango orchestra, he played in Osvaldo Fresedo's orchestra. He developed smooth, clean-sounding, powerful arrangements with his Orquesta típica. His recordings span 27 albums.

His early music had fairly simple rhythms; unfortunately, many of these recordings are poor quality. As he matured, Di Sarli's music became more lyrical and playful; however, he maintained a clear rhythm which gives an easy, danceable sound for beginners and sufficient complexity and variation for the more advanced dancers. For these reasons, he is played regularly in milongas for social tango dancing.

Di Sarli always avoided the extremes of the evocative traditional tango and the avant-garde, preferring to forge his own style without concession to the fashions of the day. He recorded many numbers more than once, perhaps with different singers. Although he is seen as "innovating," little difference is heard across different recordings of the same instrumental title. Such is his reputation in the genre, his nickname was El Señor del Tango (The gentleman of tango).