Chroma Key is the name under which ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore records. Although primarily a solo project, several other musicians have recorded as part of Chroma Key such as bassist Joey Vera, drummer Mark Zonder, and guitarist Jason Anderson.

Chroma Key's music is a mix of psychedelia, electronica and ambient, with detailed keyboard sounds and a slightly dark mood.

After leaving Dream Theater in 1994, Moore relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico where much of the first album, 1998's Dead Air for Radios was written. 2000's You Go Now was written and recorded in Los Angeles, right before another move to Costa Rica, where Moore lived for 3 years. In Costa Rica, he began writing and recording ideas for a new Chroma Key album, during the day producing a bi-weekly, activist, musical radio program for Radio for Peace International, a short wave station based in San José. Moore released a compilation of the program—a mix of original music and politically volatile spoken word recordings—as a downloadable album on his official site as Memory Hole 1. Graveyard Mountain Home was recorded in Istanbul, Turkey.

All Chroma Key releases have been self-produced and recorded in Moore's home studios, the locations of which have changed from album to album.