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Cuca is a Mexican Rock & Roll band from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Formed in 1989 by musician and painter José Fors (vocals). Their first official concert according to the band was February 14, 1990. Their first album, "Invasion de los blátidos" set them apart from any other Mexican rock band, since the album contained irreverent, humorous, curse-word laden lyrics and aggressive sound, that at the time were not expected in Mexican music. "Cuca" is an apocope for cucaracha (Cockroach) and "blátidos" means blattodea, which is the scientific name given to cockroachs.

In 1999, the band split for unspecified reasons. In march 2004, they reunited for a series of concerts in La Concha Acústica del Parque Agua Azul of Guadalajara which were edited into a new DVD titled VIVA CUCA.


José Fors (Vocals) + José Alberto Fors Ferro,

Nacho González (Drums) + Jesús Ignacio González Sevilla,

Galileo Ochoa (Guitar) + Óscar Galileo Ochoa Soto,

Carlos Aviles (Bass) + Carlos Gilberto Avilez Ortega,

Other Members

Alfonso Fors (Vocals in "La Racha") + Alfonso Fors Ferro