Diamond Rexx is an American heavy metal / glam metal band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1985 by singer Nasti Habits and guitarist Steven St. Lust (aka S. Scot Priest, also of D'Molls).


Singer Nasti Habits created the original four-member lineup in 1985. Four months after their first live show the band signed a management deal with Mark Nawara who then got the band signed to Island records, and with the addition of bassist Andre and drummer Johnny Cottone they released their debut album Land of the Damned in 1986. In 1989, the band signed to the independent Red Light Records, where they released their second album Rated Rexx in 1990. The band went on hiatus in the 1990s, but Habits formed a new line-up in 2001, now with S.S. Priest on guitar, Basil Cooper on bass and background vocals and Billy Nychay on drums, the band's now influenced by alternative metal. This line-up recorded the Rexx Erected album, released on the Diamond label, after which Cooper left to be replaced by Tommy Hanus.The Evil was released in 2002 on Crash Music. In 2006 bassist Tommy Evans joined the band, and the following year, original drummer Johnny Cottone returned on drums. The band then went dormant and remained quiet over the next few years. In 2009 the original line-up of Habits/Andre/Priest/Cottone reunited for a twenty-year anniversary show.

Band members

Current members:

Nasti Habits -- lead vocals (1985-present),

S.S. Priest -- lead & rhythm guitars (1985-1995, 2004-present),

Dave Andre -- bass (1985-1989, 2004-present),

Johnny Cottone -- drums, percussion (1985-1986, 2007-present),

Former members:

Johnny Angel -- lead & rhythm guitars (1995-2004),

Dave Andre -- bass, backing vocals (1985-1988),

Chrissy Salem -- bass (1995-2003),

Basil Cooper -- bass, backing vocals (1990-1992),

Tim Tully -- drums, percussion (1986-1990, 1991-1995),

Billy Nychay -- drums, percussion (1995-2003),

Bill Schmidt - drums, percussion (2003-2007),

Tommy Evans -- bass,

Tommy Hanus -- bass