Format:B is a german duo of Franziskus Sell and Jakob Hildenbrand.

Jakob started his musical journey with a bass guitar and his taste fluctuated between rock, jazz and funk being youth. Shortly after his visits in Berlin’s techno clubs and buying the first records he decided to try the production himself. Afer getting the cheap synthesizer and Atari computer in his hands it came out that it is not that easy as he thought.

Franziskus got infected with music production at an early age by starting piano lessons being 6 years old, but it was the incidental night at the legendary E-Werk club that made his heart to beat in 4/4 rhythm. Three years later the first residency at Subground Lighthouse Afterhour and bookings appeared.

Their music passion caused that they both started the sound engineering studies and after spending a few long party nights in Berlin the idea of Format:B was born in quite funny circumstances.

Year 2005 brought the initiative output from Format:B with spanking 12 inch “Slaps” followed by more records soon: Highgrade’s successful “Like A Techmachine”, “Vivian Wheeler” with its infectious, wobbly bassline on Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent or the smashing “Split Pot EP” released under Opossum just to name a few.