Germany & France

French Affair is a German-French pop band, established in 2000, whose biggest hits so far are "Sexy", "Do What You Like" and "My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Da)".

Their lead singer, Barbara Alcindor, was born in Paris, and currently lives in London. Alcindor began her career as a fashion model, before trying her hand in music. After signing with the BMG record label and teaming up with the Dreyer Brothers production team, French Affair scored a pair of sizable hit singles in 2000 with "My Heart Goes Boom", "Poison" and "Do What You Like" - denting the charts in France, the UK, Italy, and Germany. In the UK Singles Chart, "My Heart Goes Boom" peaked at #44 in September 2000. In 2000 French Affair recorded their debut album, Desire.

The band's songs have been released in more than 58 countries, selling 2.5 million CDs