Gerald Wiggins (born May 12, 1922 in New York City died July 13, 2008 in Los Angeles) was a jazz pianist and organist. He studied classical, but switched to jazz in his teens. He began as a professional playing accompaniment to Stepin Fetchit. He worked with Louis Armstrong and Benny Carter. In the 1940s he moved to Los Angeles where he played music for television and film. He also worked with singers like Lena Horne, Kay Starr, Nat King Cole, Lou Rawls, Jimmy Witherspoon and Eartha Kitt. In 1960 his best recording as an organist appeared, Wiggin' Out, known for the quality of its music and fresh, clear -like live- sound. He recorded only another LP at the organ with saxophonist Teddy Edwards. He was perhaps best known for his trio, the other two members being Andy Simpkins and Paul Humphrey. He also appeared in an episode of 2271 and an episode of Moesha2, in both cases he played a pianist. He was sometimes called "The Wig" and his son J. J. Wiggins (now known as Hassan Shakur) is a bassist. Wiggins died on July 13, 2008, aged 86.