Graig Markel is an American songwriter, producer and sound designer from Seattle, Washington, United States. Work, Graig is credited with creating the genre "Broken Soul", a mixture of downtempo, rock, and R&B that has influenced artists such as Head Like a Kite, Dirty Projectors, Passion Pit, Hot Chip, Girl Talk, Her Space Holiday, and more, through his solo work and current project, the Animals at Night. Graig is the owner of the Seattle based studio, the Recovery Room. His list of credits include work with Band of Horses, Transmissionary Six, A-Frames, the Girls, Nada Surf, the Spits, Jim Carroll, Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Tiny Vipers, Arthur and Yu, and many more. Graig has an affection for Vinyl and even his latest record with the Animals at Night, "Cut to Chase, Chorus and Fade" - 2009, is available on Vinyl. Graig also designs and builds custom effect pedals for guitar, bass, and keyboard, as well as his own controllers for the music software program, Ableton Live, under the Recovery brand name. Bands, New Sweet Breath: Markel played in the late 90's punk band New Sweet Breath. They released several 7" singles and 2 albums on Ringing Ear Records before signing to a major label in 1999. 1995 "Supersound Speedway", 1996 "Demolition Theater", Tagging Satellites: Markel produced and played guitar for Tagging Satellites from 1999-2001. They released 4 albums. 1999 "Shooting Down the Airwaves", 2000 "Abstract Confessions", 2001 "Risk of Flight", 2002 "One Night Falls", Solo Work, His latest 2007 release on Seattle's Sonic Boom label contains performances by Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse, Vells), Daniel G. Harmann, and Jen Wood (The Postal Service, Joan of Arc, Jeremy Enigk, The Black Heart Procession and more). The work is produced and mixed by Aaron Prellwitz (Death Cab for Cutie, Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters, Neil Young and more). 1999 "Verses on Venus", 2000 "Hard Grammar", 2002 "The Gospel Project", 2004 "Tall Tales on Tape", 2007 "Via Novella", 2007 "Shipwrecked On the Shore", Shipwrecked On the Shore comes only in specially marked vinyl packs of Via Novella. He has also released separate EP's with pre-mature material. The Animals at Night: Graig's current project, the Animals at Night, released mix tapes and performed DJ sets for years before releasing their current album, "Cut to Chase, Chorus and Fade". The Animals at Night recordings feature guest appearances by Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse), Nabil Ayers and Eric Corson (Long Winters), Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite), Larry Knechtel of the legendary Wrecking Crew (Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds", Phil Spector, Jackson 5, The Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel, and many more).