Not to be confused with Jurgensen.Jorgensen (original spelling: Jørgensen Danish pronunciation: ˈjɶɐ̯n̩sn̩) is a common Danish-Norwegian patronymic surname meaning "son of Jørgen" (Danish version of the Biblical γεωργός (geōrgos), cf. English George). Jørgensen is the tenth most common surname in Denmark, shared by about 1.8% of the population. It is also the twenty second most common surname in Norway.Scandinavian immigrants to English-speaking countries often changed the spelling to Jorgensen or Jorgenson in order to accommodate English orthographic rules. Similarly, mass media in English ofter render Jørgensen as Jorgensen. It may refer to: People, Andy Jorgensen, American politician, Wisconsin State Assembly, Anker Jørgensen, Danish Prime Minister, Ben Jorgensen, American singer and guitarist, Bill Jorgensen, American television anchor, Christine Jorgensen, American transsexual, Claus Jørgensen, Danish race walker, Danny Jorgensen, American professor of religious studies, Dan Jørgensen, Danish politician, Daniel Jorgensen, American freestyle swimmer, Don Jorgensen, American television anchor, Dick Jorgensen, American football official, Ejler Andreas Jorgensen (1838-1876), Danish artist, Geir Hansteen Jörgensen (b. 1968), Swedish television and film director, Ian Jorgensen, New Zealander photographer, Janel Jorgensen, American swimmer, Jim Jorgensen, American businessman, Jo Jorgensen, American politician, Jørgen Jørgensen, Danish adventurer, Joseph Jorgensen, American politician, Martin Jørgensen, Danish Football (soccer) player, Mathias Jørgensen, Danish football player, nicknamed Zanka, Mikael Jorgensen, American keyboardist for Wilco, Mike Jorgensen, American baseball player, Nils Jørgensen, Norwegian fencer, Pete Jorgensen, American politician, Peter Jørgensen (entomologist), Richard A. Jorgensen, American molecular geneticist, Sophus Mads Jørgensen, Danish chemist, Spider Jorgensen, American baseball player, Sven Erik Jørgensen, Danish environmental engineer, Tage Jørgensen, Danish fencer, Troels Jørgensen, mathematician, Turid Jørgensen, Norwegian band member, William Kvist Jørgensen, Danish football player, William L. Jorgensen, American chemist, Other, The Christine Jorgensen Story, book about Christine Jorgensen, The Christine Jorgensen Story (movie), 1970 movie about Christine Jorgensen, R. v. Jorgensen, Canadian legal decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, Jorgensen's General Store, American historical site in Grant-Valkaria, Florida, Jorgensen Steel, Jorgensen Laboratories, Jorgensen Center, See also, See also Jorgensen, Jørgensen, Joergensen, Jurgensen, Jürgensen, Juergensen, Jorgenson, Jurgenson