Schiedam, Netherlands

Joris Voorn (25 February 1977, Moergestel) is a Dutch DJ who currently resides in Amsterdam. Amongst being a renowned DJ, Joris is a graduate in architecture. Joris is the co-owner of the Amsterdam based labels Rejected (with Edwin Oosterwal) & Green. He plays his own house-style which is considered close to Detroit Techno.

Like many famed musicians, Voorn had a strong affiliation with music at a young age when he learned how to play the guitar and the violin (His Father was a composer of Music), when he grew up in the City of Schiedam. However, once the radio opened his mind to newer influences Voorn became hooked on Techno. During his education, he entered and won a DJ competition in Enschede which kick-started Joris' musical career. As of 1997, Joris is regularly booked for gigs, and has a residency at the ATAK. However his first production was not until 2002, when he released his Muted Trax EP. This release, as well as support from Carl Craig, Derrick May and Laurent Garnier made him decide to (temporarily) give up the world of architecture and focus on his DJing career. In 2003, His Lost Memories EP becomes another hit and affirms his talent. In the same year Joris is crowned 'Talent of the Year' at the Dutch DJ Awards.