Brooklyn, New York, USA

Jupiter One is an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2003. Inspired by a wide range of influences, they create upbeat indie pop songs, with a grounding in futuristic-sounding New Wave-style synth sounds. Their self-titled and self-released debut album was distributed by Cordless Recordings in 2007, following another release of the album in 2008 under the Cordless Recordings label. The album Sunshower followed in 2009.

K Ishibashi and Zac Colwell are the founding members of the group. Other members are K's wife Mocha, a Japanese-born keyboardist and violinist, drummer Dave Heilman, and bassist Pat "Panda" Dougherty. K also performs in of Montreal, Regina Spektor's touring band, and a solo project, Kishi Bashi.

Many of their tracks have been used in Electronic Arts video games. "Countdown" has been featured in Madden NFL 08, while "Turn Up the Radio" featured in NHL 08, "Fire Away" featured in Burnout Paradise, and "Unglued" featured in FIFA 08. The track "Platform Moon" was used in a commercial for Mazda cars outside of the US and in FIFA 09.

In 2008 their track "Countdown" was played during the pre-episode of Heroes Season 3 on NBC, and Kyle XY season 2 on ABC. It was also featured in commercials for Payless and MLB Network.

They opened for Regina Spektor on her 2009 North American tour. They also opened for Spektor on her 2010 Australasian tour.