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Karuan (also karwan marouf or simply Karwan) was born in 1976 in Vienna as the son of kurdish parents. Karuan’s love for music arose from the Kurdish singer Şivan Perwer and from the traditional Kurdish celebrations. At the age of six Karuan started to record his singing on music tapes. Ever since that day making music is Karuan’s most favourite occupation. In 1995 Karuan started to work on his own solo projects which were largely inspired by folk and black Music. At this time Karuan’s music was strictly band-oriented. When Karuan began to arrange his songs on the computer he slowly turned to be an electronic musician. Today the autodidact Karuan is able to combine and synchronise these various experiences in his own music. The result is an artistic bridge between the oriental culture of his kurdish family and the European culture in which he lives in.