From: MI, United States

Hip Hop/Rap, R&B

M$ Benzova is a hip-hop artist who was born in Germany but grew up on the mean streets of Detroit. She now resides In Southern California. As she put it herself she is "Germany Made, Detroit Raised, & Cali Paid". Because of her families background in the armed force she has been known to call herself a “Military Princess”. Her musical influences are Queen Latifiah, Lil Kim, Bone Thugs, and Ice Cube to name a few. Her passion for music comes from her struggles of life. She decided to use music as her way of dealing with her feelings and emotions that come along with life. If you ask her she’s tell you her music is real. The stories she tells are her truth, which she has decided to share with the world. As one of her goals M$ Benzova has decide to take up the fight against human trafficking. She believes that the fight against human trafficking is one that can be won but only if we all do our part. She wants to give a voice to victims still in game that have no voice. Please feel free to check out M$ Benzova on social media and look forward to the video ‘Stroll to the Studio” which she will be filming in the up coming months