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Texas, USA

Mazz is a Grammy Award winning Tejano band originating from south Texas. They were formed in Brownsville, TX, by singer/guitarists Jimmy González and Joe López, and emerged as one of the most innovative bands in their genre after adding synthesizer to combine traditional Mexican music and popular Latin rhythms. They debuted in 1978 with Mazz, featuring the hit single "Comprendo Mi Amor." During the following decades, Grupo Mazz became a successful band on the regional Mexican scene, climbing the charts with hits "Laura Ya No Vive Aqui" and "No Te Olvidaré," among other songs.Lopez, with his suave voice, and Gonzalez, with his winning songwriting and producing talents, formed their own groups after Mazz's break up in 1998. Joe Lopez y La Nueva Imagen Mazz and Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz.

Since the separation, Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz has enjoyed plenty of success. The group won Best Tejano Album four times at the Latin Grammy Awards from 2001-2004. The group also won Best Tejano Album at the American Grammy Awards in 2004. In 2006, the two planned a reunion tour and release of a new album, Joe Lopez, Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz: The Last Dance Mazz Live Reunion.Not long after,Lopez was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage relative at his Rancho Viejo home in April 2004. He was sentenced to 32 years in prison, but because he will serve the sentences concurrently rather than consecutively, he's currently serving a twenty year sentence. Joe Lopez' music, including the songs he recorded when he was the lead singer with Grupo Mazz, continue to get airplay at Tejano stations around the world today along with Jimmy Gonzales Y Grupo Mazz' recordings as well.