Paula and Jaques Morelenbaum and Ryuichi Sakamoto have been friends and collaborators for more than ten years. After Ryuichi and Jaques wrapped-up a tour in support of Sakamoto’s release BTTB, Paula joined them for an impromptu jam session in the lobby of London’s Great Eastern Hotel on July 29, 2000. This became the impetus for making a collective dream come true. The three had often discussed recording the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim in the late composer’s Rio home, where his own piano could become part of the recording. That memorable experience resulted in their first release together, Casa.

The group now known as Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto went on to tour the world after the release of Casa, and a funny thing happened along the way - the music actually began to take on a new level of meaning for them. This was thanks in part to the fact that the trio was joined on the road by guitarist Luiz Brasil and percussionist Marcelo Costa, but perhaps they had also developed a deeper understanding and love of the music they were performing night after night.