Drammen, Norway

Myrkskog is a death metal band formed in 1993 from Drammen, Norway. Usually their music consisted of thunderous high speed double-bass with rapid blastbeats and fills. Guitars were made up of harmonic tremolo picking and sometimes powerchords with fast solos composed by Destructhor who, along with Secthdamon, were members in Zyklon. Their debut album Deathmachine is a hybrid of black metal and death metal, combining attributes of both genres. Their second album Superior Massacre is much more death metal-oriented with more prominent bass-lines and less tremolo picked riffs.

Myrkskog faded away after the release of Superior Massacre but made occasional live appearances, the most recent of which was at the Inferno Festival in 2006. The name 'Myrkskog' is apparently a translation of the Norwegian for 'Mirkwood'.

Since leaving Myrkskog, Savant M (going under the moniker Drakul Azacain) formed the black metal band Disiplin, who have released two albums, and was briefly a member of Dissection.