Stockholm, Sweden

Petri Laurila better known by his stage name Petri Nygård (born February 8, 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Finnish rap-artist. He is also known under alias Dream (in rap duo Nuera) and as Travis Bicle. Petri Laurila was born in Sweden where he spent his chldhood. After serving briefly in the Army, he moved to Chicago and eventually to Finland residing in Tampere and Helsinki. He found initial success in his online release Vitun Suomirokki in 2000 on "Poko Rekords" going platinum with sales of 17,000 copies. The follow-up single entitled "Kanava Nolla (antakaa mun olla)" was also successful selling 9000 copies. His debut studio album Mun levy! went gold with sale of 25,000 copies.