From: NM, US

Rock, Folk/Rock, Progressive Folk

Phase II was co-founded in 1978 by Mark Andrews and Nicholas Tesluk in a mid-sized prairie town in northern Colorado. Formed as an acoustic duo, Mark and Nicholas performed their original music in concert halls and Renaissance events throughout the area, culminating in the October 14 airing of a conceptual radio program on public radio station KUNC-FM entitled CANDLE IN THE NIGHT.

By 1979, their music had entered a more progressive level. A drummer (the first of four) was brought in, Nicholas's trademark acoustic 12-string guitar was increasingly supplemented by a hollow-body electric (both vintage Gibsons), Mark assumed more multi-instrumental duties, requiring the addition of a five-keyboard set-up (including three KORG synthesizers). A number of hours in a Colorado recording studio resulted in their self-titled five-song extended-play record, and between that and a series of live concerts, Phase II gained a loyal niche following in a town where country and Western was normally king.

Then in 1981 the group disbanded...

By the time the new millenium dawned, Changes, a duo originally formed in 1969 by Nicholas and his cousin Robert Taylor was finding new success both on concert stages and in recording studios. Fortunately, when Robert was once asked for any legacy recordings of Changes' material (or that of any side projects in which he or Nicholas may have been involved) he included an ancient reel tape of Phase II's 1978 acoustic radio program. From this bit of serendipity, a couple of Phase II songs found their way onto a CD compendium, inspiring renewed interest in the group. It was thus suggested by Axel Frank and Max Percht (of Steinklang Industries' Ahnstern label) to produce a retrospective album of Phase II's music (a project which Nicholas and Mark christened AFTERGLOW).

Mark in New York and Nicholas in New Mexico worked jointly (though remotely) from their respective digital studio workstations to record many of the early songs which had never been heard outside of the concert halls and clubs in which they were originally performed, but also to record several old Phase II songs that had never gotten beyond the demo tape stage, and one all new song - their first (but not last) of the 21st Century.

The album AFTERGLOW by Phase II was officially released on Friday, May 14, 2010.

In 2016 their second album, FLEETING SPIRITS, was released containing all new material. Two of the songs are included here.

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