Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Platero y Tú was a Spanish rock band founded in Bilbao in the 1980s, and disbanded in 2001. Their lyrics speak mainly of drugs, bar issues and love, and their style, being mainly influenced by bands like Status Quo or Leño, and guitarists like John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival, broke down with the Basque radical rock trend of the moment. Platero y Tú was formed in Bilbao, in the late 80s. Juantxu and Uoho were the first ones to practice together, after their former band, Ke, broke up. Maguila joined later, as a drummer. One day Juantxu invited Fito, his neighbor, to a practicing session, and he ended up joining the group as singer and guitarist.

They recorded their first demo in the Arion studios in Pamplona with the money from their first performances, and took the name "Platero y Tú" that would become definitive. The demo, which they called Burrok'n'Roll, was edited with only a few copies, and now it constitutes a collector's item.