S-Tone Inc. is multi-instrumentalist jazz musician Stefano Tirone's main musical project. Originating from Milan, Italy, Tirone has been a professional musician for over twenty years. The first official S-tone Inc. recording was released in 1992 during the acid jazz era, a formative time for Tirone, who was heavily influenced by the combination of soul, jazz and Latin rhythms of the period. He started playing music in the early 1980’s during the new wave period. He graduated in architecture from Politecnico di Milano university and currently alternates between the two pofessions of architect and musician, though he has reportedly given priority to the latter in more recent years.

He has studied guitar and later piano for a certain period with Sonny Taylor (Mayafra Combo) and Antonio Zambrini, two pianists who have opened his mind towards new harmonic horizons. The activity as a producer starts in 1990 together with the dj Valenti with whom he has released the track "What's up" under the name Baby Doll House with the label Irma. From 1992 to 1994 he has collaborated with dj Don Carlos with whom he has created two projects, Montego Bay and Antigua Managua , which were based on 70’s disco samples with a house feel. In 1993 he participates to the compilation "Totally Wired Italia" released by the English label Acid Jazz with a track under the name Square Circle. Since 1994 he works for the labels of Luciano Cantone and Davide Rosa, the founders of Schema records, first with Milano 2000 and then with Schema from 2001.

The first S-Tone Inc. album was released in 1996 with the name "Love unlimited" and it contains in particular the track "Ainda sonhar" which has been chosen for dozens of compilations all over the world. In 1997 with the name Cosmorama he releases a monothematic album inspired by drum&bass, yet jazzy and soulful. In 1999 he releases the second S-Tone Inc. album, "Free spirit". But it's with the album "Sobrenatural" released in 2002 that Stefano Tirone proves to have established his own style, made of various influences that go from Brazilian music, to jazz, funky and soul, without forgetting his experience in house music. In 2003 he produces a 12” with Stefano Ghittoni, of The Dining Rooms , under the name Vuca . One of these tracks, “Bossafrica”, has been later re-recorded during the sessions of the fourth S-Tone Inc. album.