Sabina Ddumba, (born 23 February 1994) is a Swedish singer. Ddumba grew up in Fisksätra, Nacka. At school she started to sing in a choir and continued up to grown up age. Amongst others Tensta Gopsel Choir, a choir group from Tensta which she had joined at the age of fourteen. Ddumba was a backing vocalist on Katy Perry's song "Walking on Air" and has also co-operated with Swedish artists like the Swedish hip hop duo Mohammed Ali, the hip hop band Looptroop Rockers, duo Lorentz & Sakarias and Adam Kanyama. She has also been a background singer for Jenny Wilson. She has a record deal with the record label Warner Bros. Records in the United States. In 2014 Ddumba released her first music single "Scarred for Life", and in 2015 her second music single, "Effortless", was released.

Ddumba participated in X Factor in 2012, and she has also appeared in Moraeus med mera in 2014 and performed at Grammisgalan in 2015.