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From: United Kingdom

Dance/Electronica, Dubstep, Pop

I am an emerging musician of 35 years, and am currently producing a mix of electronic based music. I started making computer music from the age of 10 whilst learning to play keyboards and guitar. I also write and record songs (rather amateurishly).

When I'm not writing my own compositions I participate in remix competitions from Indaba Music (Peter Gabriel, Alicia Keys, John Legend & The Roots) and AmazingTunes( Ex Libras, Dimbelby & Capper).

If you are interested in my remixes they can be found :-


To date I have achieved a best position of 38 th in a remix contest, with my efforts being in the top half to third of all entrants generally.

I have also had my own music (New Wave, Gobsmacker and Air) played on National (DAB) radio ( in the U.K.