Stanton Warriors are the breakbeat duo Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley. They are a DJ and producer team of Breakbeat, a style of electronic dance music. Originally from the West Country, the pair now play high-profile sets at internationally-renowned clubs such as Fabric and Sankeys Soap in the UK, and travel the globe extensively, with international acclaim in Europe, Canada, America and Australia. Their style is sometimes described as a fusion of electro, breakbeat and 2-step UK garage. Their name was taken from a hexagonal shaped manhole cover, made by Stanton Ironworks, based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire which seemed fitting with their style of underground, cutting edge music. The name is also a reference to Stanton DJ products.

The Stanton Warriors' third mix album was released in the UK on October 27, 2008 entitled Stanton Session vol. 3, which is their best seller to date and received a rare and coveted 5 out of 5 from iDJ. This was also released in a Limited Run, Deluxe-Edition Stanton Warriors manhole cover tin pack.

The graffiti style artwork, (and their SW logo) seen on many of their releases and merchandise is the work of several renowned graffiti artists, SheOne and Rough, the latter of which won a design award for the artwork on the Stanton's single, Da Antidote.

The Stantons have been known to release free to download promo dj sets through their websites where there is also live video footage of their gigs. Now based in London, they run a successful record label (Punks) out of their West London recording studio and are currently touring and working on their second artist album, due for release 2010

They are managed by Threesixzero Group and all bookings can be made through William Morris Electronic(UK/Rest of World), Fuzzy (Australia) and The Windish Agency (USA/Canada)