The Gits were an American punk rock band, formed in Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1986. Known for their part in the burgeoning Seattle music scene of the early 1990s, their distinct punk rock sound gained a reputation for its bluesy street punk aesthetic. They were known for their fiery live performances and retained a dedicated following both during and after their existence.

Singer Mia Zapata—influenced early on by blues, soul music and hardcore punk—sang of inner struggle, alcohol, death, and survival despite utter hopelessness. Other members included guitarist Joe Spleen (born Andy Kessler), bassist Matt Dresdner and drummer Steve Moriarty. During their existence, the band released two studio albums, one compilation of early recordings, one live recording, three 7" singles and appeared on various compilations. The band also recorded on a few independent labels, and released its two studio albums on C/Z Records. In 2003, each release in the band's discography was remastered and expanded with bonus tracks on Broken Rekids.

The band dissolved in 1993 following the murder of Zapata. Though the band never signed with a major label and never reached a mainstream audience, Zapata has nevertheless been cited as an influence by several subsequent female punk vocalists.