The Higher is an American pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They were originally known as "September Star". They have released two full length albums named On Fire, Histrionics and EPs named "Pace Yourself" and "Star is Dead". The current members of the band are Seth Trotter, Doug McCarthy, Reggie Ragan and Jason Centeno.

Their music video for "Insurance?" from On Fire has received moderate rotation on college-oriented video programming, such as MTVu. The video was shot in Las Vegas and features the band performing and playing casino games with dancers.

They signed with Epitaph Records and began making pop records, including a cover of Ne-Yo's "Closer". Some[who?] believe that since then, they have lost their older punk sound heard on Histrionics and Star is Dead.

In 2002, performing under their previous name September Star, The Higher defeated other local bands including Local 15, Absent Minded, Jr. Anti Sex League, and Halfway to win video recording time with VH1 in the first annual Las Vegas Bike Rack Battles. They frequently performed at local venues like the Huntridge and Smoothie King.

In February 2008, the band announced that founding member; Tom Oakes is out of the band releasing these statements:

Official band statement: "The Higher regrets to inform everyone that due to personal and creative issues, Tom Oakes has decided to take leave from the band. We wish him the best in his future projects. The Higher will continue on and will perform at all dates posted. The Higher wishes to thank all their fans for their understanding, support and love during this time and hopes to see you on tour."

Tom Oakes: "To all of you, I want to thank all of you for what you have done for this band. I am personally shaken about this, but not destroyed. The band is very adamant about continuing on and I have nothing but the most faith in the world that they will not only continue, but succeed. If any of you have any questions, I am available to speak further. Thank you all again and look forward to a successful 2008!".

In April 2008, The Higher completed their first ever UK tour, supporting Elliot Minor for 8 dates alongside openers Furthest Drive Home.

Since Tom Oakes departure from the band in February 2008, The Higher's former guitar tech and merchandiser Andrew "The Kid" Evans has been filling in on guitar. Though there has been no official statement on his status as a permanent member, he is still currently touring and working alongside The Higher.

The new album, It's Only Natural, was released on June 23, 2009.