From: Australia

Hip Hop/Rap

Where the hub of Japanese HIPHOP, where the true Japanese rappers come from, where raised the Japanese big shot rapper. The name of the holy place is Yokohama Japan. He was born in Tokyo and grew up in the hood Yokohama. Some says he has the natural talent. Some says he is sick as a dope on a rope. And some says he is the called shot of HIPHOP music scene. His name is THE ROAD, a true lyricist.

The name THE ROAD represents that he walks on the royal way of being a celebrated rap game star and being a right human being. He believes that the road leads himself to a place of success.

He started his career as a vocalist of a band when he was a junior high school student in mid 90s and he was already showing off his knack of music in those days.

He took an interest of HIPHOP music when he was 15 years old. He was strongly inspired by the soundtrack of the film “Training Day”. And then he seriously began going into HIPHOP game especially rapping. This was the jumping-off point of his career.

Having encounters with various artists whilst his stay in Australia also gave a strong motivation for him being a real professional rapper.

In spite of his talent, he had much difficulty building up his name in the first place. No connections were given because of his race as a Japanese. Not only he but also many Asian MCs have to go through a similar trial. And not many of them have ever built good reputation. However, he slapped such disregard and has built up and carries through his own style. He has now been receiving wide recognition from not only people in Melbourne Australia but also in many other countries.

One of his great achievements is to rap in Japanese and attract people by his performance in Australia where people generally do not understand the language. It is not only challenging but also risky task to build reputation. Rapping in Japanese is grammatically hard to rhyme as a story teller. After his long time anguishing and challenging, he has finally dropped his own story telling style. Every single word shouted out from his mouth is all based on his real experience that has happened to him every now and then. It makes his lyrics even more powerful, persuasive and realistic. His songs consist of all kinds of emotion such as appreciation, anger, happiness, sadness, sorrow and anxiety. All of those emotional expressions stimulate your heart and soul.

Without borders, he continues to tell the truth as a lyricist. His story has just started.

“You’re the only one who can write your future script” – THE ROAD

Past show includes:







*SBS Radio 'Alchemy' OB at 2008 Chinese New Year Celebration in Springvale/ Chinatown, MELB city

*SBS Radio 'Alchemy' OB at 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown, MELB city

*SBS Radio 'Alchemy' OB at 2008 Pako Festa in Geelong

*Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival 2008 at Fed Square

*Asian Pop Idol at Fed Square

*Osaka Twilight Festival '09

*Honey Bee, etc...