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Therese Grankvist (born 2 May 1977 in Nässjö, Sweden) is a Swedish singer and former member of Drömhus. She goes by Therese when performing.


Therese Grankvist spent her early childhood in Nässjö, but moved to Tullinge (near Stockholm) at the age of 13. Her career started when she called a record company and recorded her singing on their answering machine. When she later met Dr. Alban, he convinced her to join the dance music project Drömhus. At first Drömhus was meant to consist of two men and Therese, but eventually shrank to being just Therese and the producers.


In 1997, Drömhus' first single "Du och jag" ("You and I") was released. The big breakthrough, however, came in 1998 with the single "Vill ha dig" ("Want You"), a cover of a hit by the band Freestyle in the 1980s.

Music career:

At the 1999 Melodifestivalen, the Swedish qualification for Eurovision Song Contest, Drömhus competed with the song "Stjärna på himmelen" ("Star in the sky"). It finished second, thus not qualifying for the European finals.

In 2000, Therese announced that she would leave Drömhus to perform under her own name Therese instead.

The year 2004 launched Therese overseas, with her remarkable success with Swedish DJ Stonebridge. They teamed up to release the worldwide dance hit ("Put 'Em High"). In late 2004, she produced her club hit "Time".

In 2007, she, together with The Attic, competed with the song "The Arrival" at Melodifestivalen for the opportunity to represent Sweden in Eurovision song contest in Helsinki, Finland. On 17 February 2007, Therese, featuring The Attic, ended up in 7th place in Melodifestivalen's semifinal, but did not qualify any further in the contest.

Therese released a new single, "Feelin' Me", in the UK in May 2007, on Positiva Records. On 2 June 2007, Therese, featuring The Attic, performed with their hit single "The Arrival" on Sommarkrysset, which is a popular TV-show in Sweden that airs every summer. She again appeared on Sommarkrysset in the beginning of August 2007, this time together with Danny Saucedo performing the song "If Only You" from Danny's album. It has also been announced that Therese will be featured on the release of the very same song.

Therese is currently working on new musical material, alongside the renowned English visual artist David Bunn. Her website has been updated with information of forthcoming releases as well as visual art she has had a hand in creating. However, music still remains her purest form of expression. Therese has developed an active role in contributing to the visual artworks that accompany her new studio work, working with David Bunn they have produced a large body of work, which is due to go on public display soon with prints being available from her website.

Charitable work

Therese undertakes charity work for two charities.