Tim Chesley
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From: France

Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Spiritual

Hi, my name is Tim Chesley.

I am a French/American songwriter.

I would describe my music as “Progressive Pop Music” (a mix between Pop & Progressive Rock – think for e.g. Anathema “Weather Systems”). I believe in God and I am a Christian, and this has subtly inspired the lyrics in my songs.

I have done several independent releases in Australia and in France, the latest one being “Rain”, a 5 track EP released in 2016, which you can find on my website (http://www.timchesley.com/album/2016-rain/) but…

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Friday, July 21, 2017
Gezz Wow.. that is sensitive and beautiful.. it is emotional and a beautiful composition... Well done, thank you for sharing with the world... I am glad to have heard this... thank you