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Tipper (real name David Tipper, born ca. 1976) is a British composer and producer specializing in electronic music that ranges from Ambient, through Trip Hop, to uptempo Nuskool Breakbeat. His live performances consist largely of his own unreleased compositions, and he is highly regarded for scratching his own sounds over his music, creating a live element of turntablism stemming from prowess early in his career as a vinyl DJ.

He is widely respected as a Surround Sound composer, releasing one of the first albums composed, produced, and intended for the DualDisc format, in addition to providing content for multichannel[disambiguation needed] music industry leaders DTS, Inc.. His talents at Sound Design (his work is included in several of the major music making software programs), and in Digital Audio Mastering, are also in great demand. His catalog has been consistently licensed for use as background in a variety of mainstream television programs, and also featured in commercials and cable television projects.