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Towns may refer to: People, Anthony Towns (born 1978), computer programmer, Charles B. Towns (1862-1947) American an expert on alcoholism and drug addiction, Colin Towns (born 1948), English composer, Darryl Towns (born 1961), American politician and member of New York State Legislature, Edolphus Towns, (born 1934), American politician and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York, Forrest Towns (1914-1991), American track and field athlete and Olympic champion, George W. Towns (1801-1854), American lawyer, legislator, and politician, Greg Towns (born 1954), former Australian rules footballer, Kevin Towns (born 1948), former men's field hockey player and coach of New Zealand, Lester Towns (born 1977), former American football linebacker, Morris Towns (born 1954), former American football offensive tackle, Robert Towns (c. 1794-1873), Australian businessman, pastoralist, and founder of Townsville, Queensland, Simon Towns (born 1972), New Zealand field hockey player, Tom Towns (born 1953), former Canadian Football League linebacker, William Towns (died 1994), British car designer, Places, Towns County, Georgia, Plural of the noun town