Toxic Holocaust
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From: OR, United States

Genre: Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal

Joel Grind and TOXIC HOLOCAUST return with ‘Conjure and Command’, the band’s long-awaited new full-length and follow up to ‘An Overdose of Death…’. On ‘Conjure…’, the trio burns through 10 ferocious tracks of the band’s toxic heavy metal. “Bitch”, “Nowhere to Run”, “I Am Disease”, and “Agony of the Damned” are nothing short of instant TOXIC HOLOCAUST classics that explode from the speakers with unbridled intensity and beg to be heard live. ‘Conjure and Command’ is TOXIC HOLOCAUST at the height of their powe…

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    "Judgement Awaits You"
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    "Nuke The Cross"
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    "Wild Dogs"
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    "Lord of the Wasteland"
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013
this band is ****in sick!